All too much!

Three top tips for dealing with overwhelm

All too muchI’ve recently introduced three small but significant changes to my world that helped loads with some lingering overwhelm. What do you think?

1. Take the dates off.

I had a huge ‘to do’ list full of due dates that felt utterly impossible. I took all the due dates off – ALL of them – and then only re-introduced due dates to genuinely time-sensitive items (like prepping for a client appointment).

Suddenly I was in control of my to-do list, not the other way around. And all those undated items are a big juicy lucky dip where I can choose what to play with next (or I can delete them – see item 3!)

2. Boundary alarm systems

My boundaries are often under pressure from other people’s needs – hubby, clients, coworkers. In order to ensure they stay strong, I got super aware of when a request from someone else was a potential break in my boundary. I never respond immediately to an invitation, a request or even a demand. Having that little space gives me the opportunity to regroup and ensure I ONLY accept things that feel like an “oh yeah!”.

3. Eliminate tolerations

Tolerations are all the things we’re putting up with – physical environment (messy office, crappy apartment), health (body issues, low energy), relationships (horrible boss, lazy boyfriend), etc etc.  Step 1 is to write a list of every single one of them (it’ll probably be longer than you hoped).  Step 2 is to gradually deal with them – by deleting them, changing them or (when necessary) changing how you feel about them so they no longer bug you. Start with the easy ones first and deal with 1 to 3 per week, or whatever feels good. Over time this will have you feeling lighter and easier. And as you get your life back in control, you can keep using it to get a better and better standard of life.

What are your favourite anti-overwhelm strategies? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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