Worthiness Magic

Our sense of worthiness is crucial if we’re to be successful deliberate creators. After all, the Universe can only be as good to me as I am to myself.

But so often our inner dialogue includes thoughts like:

  • Who am I to deserve what I really want?
  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t have anything of value to offer

Clearly, that’s not helpful!

One of my favourite strategies is Worthiness Magic, as taught to me by Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer.

You’ll need a new notebook dedicated to this practice, and in my experience it’s best to do it once a day, for at least thirty days. You can do it for longer if you like, of course! At some point it may begin to feel like a chore – this is your mind saying “yeah, yeah, alright – I get it!” and that’s great. At that point, let the practice go. And when – as always happens – you expand to the point where you bump into worthiness issues again, take it up again. You’ll know!

Here’s how it works:

Use a new page for each day. Begin by writing “I am worthy” a few times. This declaration (to the Universe and to your conscious mind) is like a warm up.

After the warm up, you let loose, writing statements that describe what you are worthy of.¬†Each day, come up with new ones (that’s the fun part!) and you can include anything from the material to the spiritual. You can include things you already have in your life which perhaps feel a little more than you think you deserve – that’s a mighty way to line up with them AND flow some appreciation. You can include dreams which seem impossible.

Steer clear of including other people – though of course you can include what they represent. So, rather than including that gorgeous new intern, you might include exciting new love. And instead of perfectly behaved teen, you might include having trust in my kids.

You’ll end up with something that looks like this:

  • I am worthy
  • I am worthy
  • I am worthy
  • I am worthy
  • I am worthy of love
  • I am worthy of joy
  • I am worthy of good health
  • I am worthy of feeling good regardless of what others do
  • I am worthy of my front porch being fixed
  • I am worthy of nurturing myself and of support from others
  • I am worthy of a new boat
  • I am worthy of more passion in my life
  • I am worthy of a thriving, joyful business
  • I am worthy of the new car sitting in my driveway
  • I am worthy of delicious sensory experiences

You get the picture.

I am worthy....It’s a powerful way to shift any old feelings of unworthiness and embrace a new, more honest view of ourselves.

For we are born knowing our own worth.

Anything which tells us otherwise is an untruth we’ve acquired somewhere in the process of growing up.

Don’t be surprised if things begin to shift around you in magical ways.

After all, the more worthy you feel, the more you’re opening up to what the Universe is just waiting to deliver. And doesn’t that feel like some big relief?!

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