Here’s what I know about you.

You’re a creator. You’re powerful. You’re perfect, whole and healed.

And maybe you don’t always feel that way. You might even be calling ‘bullshit’.

I get it, because I’ve been there. Sometimes you wonder if you’re broken; if everyone else has the secret of getting their dream life… except for you. And sometimes that brings tears or rage or the flush of shame.

You are not alone.

Photography by Laura Meyer

Most of us were raised to believe we are powerless, including me.

It took many years before I learned the startling truth: we humans are powerful beyond imagining.

We each have the power to shine, but that radiance can be eclipsed and shadowed – and we don’t even realise it. Time for you to step back into that brighter-than-a-star brilliance, so Universe can SEE you with utter clarity.

My job is to hold the torch while you (re)connect with your radiance and your power to be the authority in your own life.

Where to next?

Talking with my hands again

In safe hands

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You deserve to live a life of peace, joy and wholeness. It’s time for you to claim it.